C26 GG

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7.0x16; 7.5x17; 8.0x18; 8.0x19
Whole application
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ECE-wheel, suitable for winter use

Perfect agility in sporty steering maneuvers meets sensational smoothness in the luxury segment: CMS has also established itself as an original equipment manufacturer for well-known German sports car manufacturers as an individual supplier for car and dynamic enthusiasts. With the design C26, the German wheel specialist is making a statement in the field of ambitious wheels in OEM quality. The refined details of the convex shaped five
starlike ranged double-spoke wheel include the sinewy horn mouths that are reminiscent of multispoke wheels

A hint of retro racing genes lies in the pragmatically shaped hub area. No showmanship! Here motorsport fans experience excellent quality and driving pleasure, which are presented in effective power transmission. This perfect performance is available from specialist dealers in the colors racing silver and titanium gloss.


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