C29 Aero DB

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7.5x18; 8.5x18; 8.0x19
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Aero lip minimises air turbulence, air resistance and optimises energy efficiency, suitable for winter use

CMS offers the best for both worlds
The C29 Aero clearly shows off the C29´s burte sports genes in every edge, curve, convex and most importantly in the front polished diamond shimmer. The Aero lips are a new yet subtle addition to the C29 design. They keep a low profile in the distinguished black, but work wonders with reduced air turbulence and lower energy consumption. Those who are now switching from a combustion engine to a hybrid vehicle can rejoice. The top design of the C29 with its fine double-spoke look remains the best friend of all driving enthusiasts.
With its high-quality bicolour design in "dinner" black and diamond silver, the C29 Aero flatters almost any of the top-selling body styles currently booming in the automotive market - especially als company cars. For those seeking OEM quality at economy rates, the C29 Aero from CMS is perhaps the highest-quality and smartest version of a perennial in the hybrid market.


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