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ECE, suitable for winter use

At first glance, the five double spokes appear puristic. But the most exciting detail of this aluminum innovation is revealed on the rim flange: Like curved blades, the flange ends fan out the air. This gives the wheel an energetic temperament.

The bicolor look of the front polished C30-DB (Diamond Black) clearly emphasizes the sharply drawn spoke horn line. In the SR (Racing Silver) you can find yourself when understatement is the motto. The CBG variant appears in a homogeneous black gloss and is consequently kept modern.

To disturb the demonstrative aesthetics of the C30 as little as possible, the wheel bolts disappear deep into the five holes around the hub. The rim discreetly crouches behind the aerodynamic line visible on the outside and makes it clear: the C30 is all about sportiness without ostentation. The viewer will recognize a "hint of ferocity" in the two-tone DB (Diamond Black) model, otherwise the proven CMS credo applies: the power of perfect design lies in calm. Like most current wheels from CMS, the C30 also has an ECE registration. It guarantees Europe-wide operating permits without ABE. In addition, the sporty C30 proves to be extremely suitable for everyday use and easy to care for depending on the version, in any weather.


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