Light Alloy Wheels

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Sizes 7.5x17; 8x17; 8.0x18, 8,5x19
Whole application 5
Wheel load max.load 780 kg
Specials racing silver
Add. information concave Design
17"/18" ECE for BMW/AUDI
B1 the new generation of CMS. Clear lines, high fashionable. Concave to the center extending spokes – in 3 different color versions! Diamond-Black-Gloss, Racing-Silver and –the latest trendy color-
For all current cars with PCD 5x112, 5x120 and 5x114,3
8,5x19” is produced with flow forming method to reach optimized weight.

Of course, all versions are produced in best known OE-Quality.
Because of their 3-layer coating, are wheels in Racing-Silver and Titan-Gloss , best suitable for
Winter use. B1 is convincing in every season.