Light Alloy Wheels

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C12-DMB, 15
Sizes 6.5x15; 6.5x16; 7.0x16; 7.5x16; 7,0x17, 8.0x17; 8.0x18
Whole application 5
Wheel load max. load 745 kg
Specials polished
Add. information concave design in 17“ and 18“
C12-DMB, 15
C12-DMB, 15
When CMS C12 was first presented to the public the enthusiasm was enormous . The demand was so great that CMS is bringing the C12 for almost all types of vehicles from the size of 15 inches in diameter to the retailers. Its design proves to be absolutely versatile

Ingenious base, extraingenious spoke lines - as simple as its performance, so effective is the C12 on the road: Five spokes, which stand out from all other wheels in the market through their slim waist and concavity but never dominate the design of the car. So the C12 upgrades every car without appearing pretentious.