Light Alloy Wheels

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Sizes 6.0x14; 5.0x15; 5.5x15; 6.0x15
Whole application 4
Wheel load max. load 635 kg
Specials polished
Add. information In kombination 5,0x15VA und 5,5x15 HA fits also Smart and Twingo mod. 2015
C17 - 6,0x14"; 6,0x15", 5,0x15", 5,5x15"

For all cars with 4-hole-application like Fiat 500, Smart, Renault Twingo, VW...

A sporty and fashionable multi-spoke-design rocks any small car turning it into an eye-catcher.
The black or red color with front polished spokes combined with 4 complete colored spokes effect this wheel a kind of angular and very sporty.