Light Alloy Wheels

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Sizes 7.0x16; 7.5x17; 8.0x18; 8.5x19
Whole application 4, 5
Wheel load max. load 775 kg
Specials polished
Add. information concave design in 18" / 19"
This bi-color Design-wheel upgrades any midsize car to a sportive and trendy one.

Five spokes, striking lines, powerful appearing! For modern sportive driver, to stand out in the crowd. Different variations of color individualize any car in it´s general view.

Diamond polished sections accentuate the visual Dynamik especially in rotary motion. Spokes extending all the way to the rim, make the wheel look even bigger.

High quality diamond polishing, precision-cut edges and powder-coating make this innovative wheel to a very resistant high-end product. The black hub cap emphasises elegance. For a sporty look it´s possible to choose hub caps with yellow scripture. The CMS C18 DMB expresses in each sense, individuality and self-confidence.

More colors you will find on our design-list.