Light Alloy Wheels

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Sizes 7.0x16; 7.5x17; 8.0x18
Whole application 5
Wheel load max. load 720 kg
Add. information concave design in 18"
C20 – 7,0x16“; 7,5x17“; 8,0x18“

The Design C20 demonstrates a new generation of alloy-wheels. A 5-spoke-wheel rarely embodies so much elegance and emotion like C20. There is no comparison regarding this combination, fitting any car without compromise, still maintaining it´s own character. C20 is ready to evolve into a design classic. Angles an curves pictures the elegance and technically offers this wheel maximal performance. Because of it´s high wheel load does it also fit SUVs an Vans.
CMS like in original equipment manufacturer standard with suitable winter conditions.