Light Alloy Wheels

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Sizes 6,0x15; 6.5x16; 7.0x16; 7.5x16; 7.5x17; 8.0x17; 8,0x18
Whole application 5
Wheel load max. load 780 kg
Specials EH2+ for BMW 7.5x17
Add. information ECE, concave design
CMS C22 impresses with its powerful charisma. Five strong double spokes which expire until the rim, enlarge the wheel visually.
The elegant concave lines and gloss coating captivates both, SUVs and cars with Coupe.

With its 3-layer coating is it of course suitable for winter and gives the car the full power-look, even in the cold months.

C22 ist available in the following colors:
SR - Racing Silver
GG - Titan Gloss
CBG - Black Gloss

There are ECE approvals for all current cars.