Light Alloy Wheels

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Sizes 6,5x16; 7,0x16; 7,0x17; 7,5x17; 7,0x18; 8,0x18; 7,5x19
Whole application 5 hole app.
Wheel load max. load 750 kg
Specials Black Gloss
Add. Information ECE, fully suitable for winter use
Alloy wheels with five double spokes are currently considered to be the ultimate in wheel design and sporty driving dynamics. Many car manufacturers list them as an expensive extra in their equipment lists. At CMS there is the latest bike trend avialable with exciting design finesse that testify to the technical excellence of the brand: The extremely slim silhouette of the ten double-spokes provides plenty of fresh air to the brakes. This looks fragile and elegant in a pragmatic way when viewed from above . If the viewing angle changes, the brawny profile of the spokes which only at the holes dive in a steep angle to the hub connection, is revealed. A power statement for sports cars like the Audi S, BMW M or Golf R - and a real doping injection for gentler models. The optical refinements illustrate the optimal power transmission with maximum stability. It is made possible because the double-spoke halves are geometrically aligned at the ideal distance an run almost parallel to each other. A wealth of experience from racing. C27 not only withstands even the heaviest loads, it is also characterized by its lasting weather resistance and thus qualifies for all-year use with exemplary driving physics.