Light Alloy Wheels

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Sizes 7,5x17, 8,0x18, 8/9,0x19
Whole application 5
Wheel load max. load 743 kg
Specials bicolor red/black
Add. information awarded design trendy colored
In 19“ for Porsche Macan and Audi Q5
A fine line makes all the differences...
Pinstripes, very fine paint lines, are acknowledged at the car tuners as high craftsmanship.
CMS enriched the black version of C8 with gloss paint and an extraordinary color – blazing red.

The ingenious matter of this color version: The established and popular 5-spoke-design with double y-form gleams in glossy black and the red color-accent only emphasizing the rim to the tire. Regarding to designs of racecars, C8 recommends for demanding drivers of sports cars with low section tires.

CMS like in OE quality and completely suitable for winter